“Sam was a great help to my data collation project providing me with accurate information in a quick turnaround. I look forward to working with Sam again in the future”.

“Sam is a must for my business, she has worked for me as PA for 3 years now and I do not think my company could be without her now. For 5 days a week, Sam deals with emails, answers all new enquiries by email and phone and organises bookings. Sam answers all the questions my clients have and is very friendly and helpful, she does her best to help my clients needs by going the extra mile for them.

On the days Sam works she has my phone diverted to her and takes all the calls when I am on my days off or at weddings.

As well as helping my clients, Sam is also popular with my staff, when they have problems such as getting to venues, or liaising between clients and staff with regards to booking alterations.

Sam is confident at using Mailchimp and adding data for our newsletter, and all aspects of our Social Media such as Hootsuite, Facebook and Twitter.

Sam has been vital for improving the set up of my company by creating new ideas to make my company run smoother and loves to do research for find ways to improve the business. Part of Sams duties is managing the 21 freelance staff who work for us on an online dairy and booking in appointments for them on a daily basis. Sam has had a very important part in transforming us into an organised, successful business and with out her help I do not think my company would run as smoothly. Sam is a very valuable part of my business and would do whatever she can to improve and help any business she works for.”