Lockdown. Is networking still ok?

Should you network during lockdown?

Yes! You absolutely should network during lockdown!

This is the perfect opportunity to form some great business relationships with people. You can nurture them, build on that professional relationship. Therefore when lockdown is over they will remember you, and you can continue that relationship and progress it to build new professional networks and business.

It’s incredibly important to keep marketing your business. Keep creating that social content and interacting with other businesses.

After lockdown businesses won’t work in the same way as before. Businesses have learnt to work from home, on skeleton staff, and have adapted amazingly well in order to survive.

Networking now, and building new relationships will help your business as well as theirs when this is all over.

How to network?

There are numerous ways you can build new professional relationships.

Facebook groups. Find groups that cater for your ideal client and interact with them. Comment, offer advice, share tips. Also joining groups for businesses that are in the same industry as you is a great way of staying with the current trends. You can see what your competition are doing, offer advice to them also, or learn some new tricks along the way.

Instagram. People buy from people, not businesses. Instagram stories are a great way to show the person behind the business. Show who you are and what you do, both at work and behind the scenes. Post what you are doing in your business, or what you have done. Link your posts or stories to other businesses so you can cross network. Utilise your hashtags and cross link to other businesses and locations.

LinkedIn. So many businesses use this platform to network so it is ideal! Post regularly on there so that you always stay at the top of your followers feed. Post videos, be sentimental, show what you do in your business! Show it all off!

Going live, whatever platform you use, is a great way to get in front of your followers as it instantly notifies them you are online and live! Why not do a Q&A with another supplier? This way you can get the attention of their followers as well as your own.

If you’re in doubt, or need some extra inspiration, get in touch and let’s chat today!

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