Manage your Inbox like the professional you are!

Are your emails over-flowing your inbox?

Do you feel over-whelmed on where to begin?

I see this often, inboxes becoming overrun with junk mail and you are quickly overwhelmed on how to get it back to a reasonable level

I have some top tips on how you can manage your inbox effectively and easily;


You’ve signed up to hear the latest info, or you’ve subscribed to your favourite online shop etc. Whatever it may be, these junk emails are clogging up your inbox so unsubscribe!

Reply and remove

It’s so easy to sit on an email meaning to respond, and forgetting for weeks and weeks. A great way to stay on top of this is to reply as soon as possible, and remove that email from your inbox – either delete this if you don’t need it, or file it away


Get organised and create some folders to file those emails away in. Some folder examples can be Invoices, Misc, Personal, Receipts, Project Names. 

Filing emails away not only helps to keep your inbox nice and tidy, it also helps to keep you organised and have all your important emails in one place


If you have a large amount of emails you may need to flag the important ones. Flagging is a very visual way of quickly seeing what emails are important to you and need to be dealt with urgently

Time Block for productivity

One of my clients sets time aside in his diary specifically for his email admin. This is a great discipline to make sure your inbox stays manageable

I hope that has helped get you on the path to inbox recovery!

If this is something you really don’t have the time for right now, but need it to get cleaned up, then drop me a message or we can talk about getting your inbox back to what it should be!

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