As a business owner you are growing your business and looking for support, as a result pushing it to the next level

You are focusing mental and physical effort on the necessary admin of running a business, and for this reason you are missing out on precious moments including family events

You are a company executive working 25 hours a day and seven days a week on your business therefore never getting a break

Whatever your problem, you can depend on an efficient and loyal service from me whenever you need it, subsequently giving you back that time for those precious moments or to enjoy a day off!

If you need someone to help you a few hours a week this is the perfect package for you! Including a weekly call so we can check in with each other to see how things are progressing with your business

10 hours a month

Need a little more support? Then this is what you’re looking for. Daily admin support for your business including weekly check ins to keep on track! Ideally this is one hour per day

20 hours a month

This is the ultimate package. Assist you is the package you definitely need if you are feeling overwhelmed or drowning in work! Let me be the lifeline you need to bring your business back and equally relieve that stress!

40 hours a month

A little bit of important info!

  • Payment is due in advance of any work being carried out
  • If you do not use your monthly allowance it will not roll over to the next month, therefore you will lose it
  • Extra hours are available these are charged at £40 per hour
  • Any travel, postage, printing, or additional use of programs/software will be charged to your account

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