7 tips for working from home


If you’re new to having to work from home, but are struggling on how to cope, here’s 7 tips for working from home (especially with kids!) I have that may help you get through:

  1. Get started early. Typically I get up around 6am, this is the time for me to get a head start on the day. Whether this is getting a wash load on, cleaning up or just making a start on emails, having that time where I have no kids around is priceless.
  2. Time block. It is so important to stay focused, and it is hard to do when starting out. Make sure you set specific time slots for work, and solely focus on that. I will spend a certain amount of allocated time on a client and try to time it with my washing machine (sad I know) but I know that when I’ve finished on that client I can have a break and hang my washing out. It gives me a break from the laptop, and it helps me keep on top of household jobs.
  3. Rules. If you have your kids home with you while you have to work, make sure they know your boundaries. Mine know that if I need to make a phone call, or a video call, that they cannot disturb me during that time (unless it’s an emergency). Make sure your workspace, wherever that may be in your home, is a kid-free space. The last thing you need is one of them sending the CEO of your company an email!
  4. Don’t feel isolated, even if you’re self-isolating. There are so many online groups, working from home can feel incredibly lonely but it doesn’t have to. Set up Skype on your laptop and call your co-workers who are in the same situation as you. You don’t have to have the video on, but you can talk as you would in an office.
  5. Dress for work. I don’t mean to wear a suit and tie, just make sure you get changed out of your pyjamas. Making an effort with how you dress when working from home can have a huge effect on your mood and productivity.
  6. Ignore Social Media. Kind of impossible right now, I know. Allowing yourself certain times for social media will help you to stay focused on work. It can be a little self-reward for working hard.
  7. Timing. Make sure you have set break times, and a set time to finish your working day. Having breaks throughout the day helps to keep you alert, and knowing what time you’re finishing the day at will hopefully help you to push through the last hurdle. Make sure you use all the allotted break time too, if you’ve given yourself an hour for lunch – use that whole hour!

I hope these have helped in some way, or given you something to think about if you have to work from home.

It can be a juggle to start with, but you will find your own balance in time.

If you have any questions, need advice, or want someone to sound off to – I’m always around

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